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Testimonial pic mom and sonWe looked carefully for an effective SAT preparation program because my son, Collin, had performed well on the PSAT.  We were unsure whether his score could be significantly improved.  More Than a Teacher exceeded our expectations as Collin’s overall SAT score improved by 140 points over his PSAT score.  We are excited about the scholarship opportunities his SAT score provides.

-Matt, a China Spring High School dad




“Our daughter Aly completed your SAT prep class this fall.  She was thrilled when her overall SAT score jumped by close to 300 points.  The improvement made her dream of attending Northeastern University a reality – she was accepted just before Christmas!” -Vicki, a Westwood High School mom



Testimonial pic teacher

“If parents want to spend less money for more personal service, then I heartily recommend More Than a Teacher. We have seen an amazing rise in our potential National Merit Scholars. 48% of our Junior class received National Merit recognition for outstanding PSAT scores.” -Karen Taylor, College Counselor, Regents School of Austin




MTAT Testimonial“Kyle has been doing private tutoring to get ready for the ACT.  He got a composite score of 32 and a 34 on most subjects. We are so thrilled and so very appreciative.” – Robin, a mom



Testimonial“My daughter just received her scores on the multiple choice parts of the ACT, and is thrilled with a 34! She took your ACT prep classes and scored a 30 the first time she took the exam. She felt her science section needed extra work, and had 3 private tutoring sessions with her tutor. He worked with her not only on science, but on how to raise scores in all sections, which she did! Her science score went from a 28 to a 32, and she scored a 36 on English, among the other good scores. A big thanks to MTAT for the guidance and prep. We will continue to recommend MTAT to friends and colleagues.” -Lisa, a mom

“More happy news: accepted early decision into Vanderbilt! Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again” – Lisa, a mom


Test Prep“My daughter took MTAT test prep during her junior year and raised her score by more than 200 points, enabling her to get a reduction in out of state fees for her university of choice.  My second child started a bit earlier and persevered more. He ultimately got a full tuition scholarship due to his near perfect scores.  The material gives you a strategic advantage, and the repeated practice tests reduce the stress which can lead to poor performance.  They have a winning formula.  It saved my family thousands on college tuition.  WORTH IT.” – Lisa H. (Yelp.com review)